May 21, 2006

Budapest Basics

I'd like to provide some basic information about Budapest. Climate: Temperature zone, continental climate, four seasons. Hottest months: July, August (temperatures can reach 28-35°C) Coldest months: December, January (temperatures can fall as low as -15°C) Budapest has relatively high number of hours of sunshine per annum. It exceeds 8 hours per day between April and September. Time zone: Budapest is on Central European time (CET) GMT + 1 hour Summer time (March to the middle of October): GMT + 2 hours Holidaysys: Non-working days: national holidays (15 March, 20 August, 23 October) and 1 May plus Christmas holidays: 1 January, All Saint's Day (1 November), Easter Monday. Budapest Facts and figures: 525 square kilometers (in a north-south direction approx. 25 km, east-west approx. 29 km) Population: 1.815.000 Administrative structure: 23 districts. Buda: comprising one-third of the area of the city on the hilly, right bank of the Danube river. Pest: comprising twe-third on the flat, left bank of the Danube river. Islands (from North to South): Obuda Island, Margaret Island, Csepel Island. Bridges: nine bridges, of which two are rail bridges.

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Andrea Gerak said...

Hey Arpi,
Great to have this Budapest blog, it's probably the best city of the world! Congrats, nice work :-)