May 29, 2006

Balaton Card - Balaton Kartya

Balaton is the biggest lake in Hungary about 110 Km far from Budapest. Balaton is about 77 Km long. You can reach it from Budapest on the M7 high way or by train or by bus. If you plan to go there Balaton Card could be beneficial for you. The Standard Card advantages:
  • 10-15% off accommodation
  • 10-15% off in many restaurants
  • 20% off scheduled and pleasure boats (not on ferries!)
  • 10-20% off sport equipment rental fees like: surf boards, bikes
The four day Balaton Card advantages:
  • Free local public transport at the four cities Balatonfured, Fonyod, Keszthely and Siofok.
  • Free Balaton Mix ticket, available at railway stations and ship booking offices and valid 72 hours for an unlimited number of trips by ship or railway.
  • 50% off a coach ticket on long-distance coaches to any destination situated in the Balaton region.
  • 33% off a 2nd class return railway ticket to any destination around Lake Balaton.
  • 50% off 4-day motorway toll.
  • 2 x 50% off a bus ticket on any Volan bus service to any location within the Balaton region.
  • Free or half the price admission to events, plays and concerts
  • Free or half the price admission to museums
  • 3 x free day ticket for lidos
  • Free day tickets for spas and baths listed
  • 1 free bottle of quality wine courtesy of Soma Cellars
  • Free 3-day fishing licence.
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