September 21, 2006

Kossuth Square Parliament Budapest Demonstration

A demonstration on the Kossuth square (ter) in Budapest against the MSZP and the Gyurcsany Government. TV 2 commercial TV station's car The crowd on the Kossuth ter in front of the Hungarian Parliament. Policemen in front of the Parliament There is no webcam or webcamera on the Kossuth the or Szabadsag ter in Budapest you can watch the event.

September 19, 2006

Protesters Storm the State TV of Hungary Building

The news is true Protesters storm Hungary's state TV on Szabadsag ter Budapest. At the Hungarian Parliament there is a 20.000 people crowd at night to protest against Ferenc Gyurcsany Prime Minister. If you want to come to Budapest for holiday do not be afraid. There is no problem with the security in Budapest.

September 14, 2006

Massage Therapy Budapest

The massage therapist name is Amaury and he is a male massage therapist in Budapest.
He is offering therapeutic massage services in Budapest!
He is using some remedial massage techniques, trigger point therapy, and some gentle stretches to relax muscle tension and to relieve stress.
He is doing home visits, corporate massage and receive clients in his clinic in the 7th district of Budapest.
Come and try during his promotional offer in September! A 30-minute Massage is free from the 22nd to the 29th of September 2006.
For more information, send him an email to or call him on +36 (30) 811 3413.

September 13, 2006

Budapest Free Public Transport - European Car Free Day

The public transport will be free in Budapest Hungary on The European Car Free Day (No-Cars Day) 22nd of September. If you are or will be here you do not have to buy daily BKV ticket for that day. The Mayor of Budapest city - Gabor Demszky decided to introduce a no-cars day on September 22nd. On September 22nd all passengers will ride public transport means in Budapest operated by BKV Rt. free of charge. Andrassy ut will be closed to car traffic all day long on September 17 and 22 to show the general public that it is in the common interest to make Budapest a liveable city with fewer cars on its streets, he proclaimed. So keep in mind if you want to go to the Famous Heroes Square by car you need to chose other way than the Andrassy alley. The Metro (Subway) line 1 (yellow one) can bring you to the square under the Andrassy ut at ease.

September 12, 2006

Museum of Fine Arts Budapest Picasso - Rembrandt Exhibition

Rembrandt drawings and etchings exhibition till 24 of September Picasso in love dossier exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest till 17 fo September. These Exhibitions are held in the famous Museum of Fine Arts at the Heroes Square Budapest.

September 10, 2006

Budapest Vine Festival

15 th International Vine and Champaign festival in the Buda Castle Alexander (Sandor) Palace. Tokaji vine stand

September 09, 2006

Cow Parade Budapest

The Cow Parade Budapest finished and they collect all the cows form the streets of Budapest the Millenar Park or in Hungarian Millenaris Park. I went to the Millenar Park and took some photos about the nice cow sculptures. If you like to see them visit my Google Picasa made site here: Cow Parade Budapest

September 08, 2006

Budapest International Fair - BNV

110th Budapest International Fair - Budapesti Nemzetkozi Vasar BNV Between 9 - 17 September 2006 in the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center The BNV fair lasts for 9 days, including two weekends, this is the topmost consumer fair in Central Eastern Europe. Opening hours: 10.00 -18.00 Location: HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center H-1101. Budapest, Albertirsai ut 10. (Expo ter 1.) Parking is 600HUF per day Daily tickets 900 HUF

September 05, 2006

Heroes Square Budapest

Heroes Square is the biggest square in Budapest near to the City Park (Varosliget)