November 11, 2006

Duna Plaza Budapest

Duna Plaza picture The first mall (shopping center) in Hungary was the Duna Plaza Budapest. It's a night photo about the mall from the Vaci street.


Anonymous said...

Hello! :-) Please don't take offence my comment, but I think Pólus Center was the first, Duna Plaza the second shopping center in Hungary.

Budapest Hotel Service said...

No, it was Duna Pláza as far as I recall... by only a month though. Duna Pláza opened in October 1996, while Pólus Center did so in November. Not much difference but as an admirer of such buildings I think Duna Pláza was far more "mall like" in many aspects and... I'd consider it a first even if it was opened later... but it wasn't. Until of course Westend and Mammut II came around... it was THE mall.

Budapest said...

This tunnel has a unique style and very nice architecture.