April 10, 2006

USA - US Embassy Budapest Hungary

The USA Embassy is at the corner and in front there is a Second World War monument on the Szabadsag ter (Freedom Square Budapest). Szabadsag ter is a nice square in Budapest downtown with lately renewed park and famous buildings. US Embassy Budapest Hungary The US Embassy building at Szabadsag ter 12 in Budapest's Fifth District (downtown) has been home to the United States Legation and Embassy since 1935. Currently all Hungarian citizens need at least a non immigrant B1 visa to travel the United States. I just thinking about the name of the square Szabadsag (Freedom) and the date 1935. since the US embassy has been there. From 1945 to 1989 there was not much freedom over here because of the communistic government. But the name of the square and the US Embassy maybe it is a coincidence. Got the picture. US represents the freedom for the World and the USA Embassy located on the Freedom square in Budapest, Hungary since 1935. Funny isn't it.

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